Program Leaders

Richard Maddocks

Former CEO of an international IT organization, Richard combines long-term business experience with a passion for the development of human potential and the coaching of teams. In 2003, after 30 years of building and growing medium to large corporate IT companies, Richard co-founded Communicum, an innovative people development enterprise focused on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential.

He combines all of his business experience, leading teams of various shapes and sizes, with simple and powerful personal insights. These are targeted at enhancing awareness/self-management/proactivity/leadership/authenticity/energy, which in turn leads to people unleashing more of their potential.

He is exceptionally passionate about enabling managers of all levels to tap into their potential for becoming strong inspirational leaders, which is exemplified in Communicum’s Drive Your Leadership program.

Eric van Paridon

Former IT Consultant, Account Manager and Sales Manager, Eric discovered his real talents and passion for coaching people 15 years ago and subsequently founded Communicum together with Richard. He is now a leading coaching expert for people fulfilling a broad range of roles in the IT business. His business knowledge and pragmatic and creative way of enabling people to develop themselves, makes him a highly effective coach and trainer.

After 15 years of developing and providing soft-skills programs, and coaching thousands of participants, Drive Your Leadership is a program in which Eric maximizes the impact of his knowledge and experience to support you in creating and executing your Personal Leadership Plan. So if you are an Emerging Leader, get ready for an intense learning experience under his guidance, he will be at-your-service!

Program Contents

Module 1 Getting Started
  • Leadership Introduction & Discussion
  • Your "Personal Best"
  • Your Leadership Performance Analysis
  • Lifeline Presentations (filmed)
  • Define your Action-Learning Project
  • Energy Management overview & Purpose Energy
  • Clarify your Work Purpose
  • Create Buddy Pairs
Module 2: Be a Role Model
  • Most Admired Characteristics of Leaders
  • Define your Personal Values
  • Living your Values
  • Core Qualities
  • 20 Bad Habits
  • Energy Management – Physical Energy
  • The Power of Rituals
  • Create Leadership & Energy Rituals
Module 3: Create & Share Vision and Improve & Innovate
  • Debrief Progress since Module 2
  • Create & Present your Leadership Project Vision (using Vision Board)
  • Power of Storytelling - how to create & share Stories
  • Linking Strategy to Vision
  • Energy Management – Emotional Energy
  • Strategies to Improve & Innovate
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Create new Leadership & Energy Rituals
Module 4: Unleash Potential
  • Debrief Progress since Module 3
  • FLOW + Talent Management
  • Forming/Storming/Norming/Performing
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Relationship Management
  • Situational Leadership
  • Energy Management – Mental Energy
  • Create new Leadership & Energy Rituals
Module 5: Light the Inner Fire
  • Debrief Progress since Module 4
  • Meaningful Recognition
  • PNR
  • Coaching for Success: G.R.O.W. model & 5 Listening Levels
  • Energy Management – Recap Booster
  • Create new Leadership & Energy Rituals
  • Leadership Project Presentations

Program Schedule

The next Drive Your Leadership program will run between May and December 2020

1. early May 2020:Personal (tele-)Intake + Preparation Tasks
2. 20th May 2020:Module 1 - (including 1st Leadership Performance Analysis)
3. early June 2020:1st 1:1 Coaching Session
4. 23rd June 2020:Module 2
5. mid-July 2020:2nd 1:1 Coaching Session
6. 8th September 2020:Module 3
7. late September 2020:3rd 1:1 Coaching Session
8. 5th October 2020:Module 4
9. 12th November 2020:Module 5
10. December 2020:2nd Leadership Performance Analysis
11. December 2020:4th 1:1 Coaching Session

Program Cost and Location

The fully inclusive fee for the total program is €4.770 per participant (excluding BTW)

The location for all Module workshops is Conference Centre Drakenburg in Baarn

Contact us to register your interest or receive further information